A quick look at three football clubs created in 1899

Many well-established football clubs were formed before the start of the 20th century, and here are three established in 1899.

Italy has had many fantastic football teams, and one of the very best clubs comes from the north west area of the nation and was set up in 1899. It has always been at the leading end of the Italian league and dominated European football as well over the 80’s and 90’s. During this domination the team had one of the greatest teams in the world, and what is known as one of the greatest defences ever assembled. The new AC Milan owner has a tremendous club at present, with some of the most encouraging youthful footballers in Europe, so European success may be just around the corner.

As soccer was created in England, clubs established in 1899 are reasonably late to be founded in comparison to their nearby competitors. The oldest team still playing is from the north of England and is 40 years older than any set up in 1899. At the other end of the country, on the south coast, a club that is now in the premier league was started in the year in debate. The Bournemouth owner oversees a club that is more successful now than it has ever been. Much of this success is down to the young English coach they have, who has been engaged with the team almost his whole life. While it is not one of the best clubs in Europe, the side has done highly well taking into consideration the size of the team and the competition it faces. The fact that the team finishes mid table in the English top division is testament to how well the club is run and managed.

One of the very best football clubs of all time was started in 1899, and has ruled Spanish soccer pretty much since its conception just before the 20th century. The club is easily in the top 10 football clubs in the world and has been for a really lengthy time. This is part of the reason why the Barcelona CEO is in command of one of the most influential clubs in the world. The club’s saying “more than a club”, is testament to how influential and big the soccer team is in the area. The area within Spain has its own identity, which is reflected in part of their football logo and in the colours of their away kit some seasons. The emblem likewise includes the colours of their home kit, which is dark blue and red, which are regularly in downward stripes, aside from in the 2015-16 season. This kit is just about the most well-known and easily identified in the world. The achievements of the team has made them just about the most supported football teams in the world, both in support and in following on social media; a large explanation for this support is down to them having most likely the finest professional of all time.

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